More Than Money
Issue #6

Outrageous Acts with Money

Table of Contents

“We Dare You...”

Have you ever tried any of these "random acts of kindness?"

  • Paid the toll for a carload of strangers behind you.
  • Left a tip greater than the cost of your meal.
  • Taken a street person to dinner.
  • Slipped folded dollar bills into the change returns of pay phones for the street people who regularly check them for forgotten dimes.

Have you ever tried these acts of unusual directness?

  • Asked people you know what they are paid.
  • Ask professionals to whom you pay a lot of money what they do with the money.
  • Told a merchant whose goods you judge as overpriced that you think he or she is charging too much.
  • Told someone whose services you appreciate how delighted you are to support their work as you wrote the check for more than the amount billed.

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