More Than Money
Issue #6

Outrageous Acts with Money

Table of Contents

“Movie Reviews - Twenty Bucks”

With insight and whimsy, Twenty Bucks follows the life of a twenty dollar bill from its spanking-clean birth from an ATM to its rumpled return for incineration. While the bill passes hands from a bag lady to a bubble gum tycoon, from a stripper to a homeless family, we glimpse the greed, deception, insecurity, and generosity surrounding money in our society. It's not often that the main character in a movie is a twenty dollar bill.

Blank Check

A silly but at times delightful movie about a boy who gets handed a blank check by a driver who nearly ran over him, and how the boy decides to spend it. The fairy tale leads to the boy discovering his dream beyond the power of money, but the zing in the movie comes from how unabashedly extravagantly he indulges his fantasies.

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