More Than Money

About More Than Money

More Than Money was a national, nonprofit peer education network that encouraged people explore the connection between money and values. It's mission: "to help create a more joyful, just and sustainable world, by helping people in the wealthiest 5% act on their love for the world in effective partnership with others.

From 1993 until its closure in 2006, More Than Money produced 43 issues of the quarterly More Than Money Journal, archived on this site. More Than Money also held national and regional conferences, local discussion groups, and offered individual and group coaching.

More Than Money's founders went on to create Bolder Giving, described more below. Please enjoy the many resources and programs on Bolder Giving's website.

About Bolder Giving

Bolder Giving's mission is
to inspire and support people
to give at their full lifetime potential


We promote three ways to give boldly.

  • Give more: The average giving in the U.S. is 2-3% of annual income.  We help those who can afford it to take quantum leaps further.
  • Risk more: Many people are in an uninspired giving rut.  We invite people to be more adventurous, strategic, and involved.
  • Inspire more:  Most people rarely talk about their giving.  We support people to step out, start conversations, and to inspire others about the joy of giving.


We help individuals and influence the field of giving.

In partnership with many others, we aim to build a culture of greater generosity. 

We serve:

  • People from across the economic spectrum who want to give more boldly in any of the three ways above,
  • Professionals who work with donors (fundraisers, philanthropic and financial advisors),
  • And members of the media and others interested in the field of philanthropy.


We engage the power of stories, community, and peer support.

  • Stories:  Most of us are hugely influenced by what’s “normal” around us.  So Bolder Giving gathers the stories of incredible givers – many of them giving 20%, 50%, even 90% of their money – and spread these stories through presentations, publications, partnerships with other organizations, and the web.
  • Community:  Bold giving is a lifetime journey, and most of us need companions for the road.  We offer free monthly conversations with Bold Givers, connect people to donor networks, and invite people to explore bold giving in connection with others.
  • Peer support:  Many people need individual support and advice to realize their giving dreams. Professionals play a vital role in this… and so do peers.  We offer brief, giver-to-giver conversations that help people figure out the resources they need and get connected.


How can Bolder Giving help me?

  • As an individual giver, we can inspire you to think big, figure out how much to give, and connect you to resources that will help you become a more effective, strategic, and satisfied giver.   (We do not suggest specific places to give.)
  • If you work with donors, we can inspire your donors, members, or clients to consider their full giving potential, and offer you tools to help them give more boldly.


Here's what makes Bolder Giving special and unusual:

  • Peer-oriented: Most philanthropic advice is given by professionals.  We are donors talking to donors, connecting peers who believe in the power of giving boldly.
  • Widely accessible: Often, peer-support networks are expensive and only for a certain type of donor.  Our information is freely available on the web.  We serve bold givers of all financial and experience levels.
  • Challenge and support: Most professional advisors have to be careful with their donors.  As peers, we can speak personally to vital, touchy questions such as “How much is enough?”  Our goal is to offer challenge as well as practical, nonjudgmental support.
  • Process over content: Most giving-related websites simply connect donors to projects.  Bolder Giving does not suggest where to fund, but rather gives donors a hand with the complex, long-term journey of becoming effective, passionate, deeply-committed givers.