More Than Money
Issue #6

Outrageous Acts with Money

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“Personal Norms - Who Decides What's Acceptable?”

Every day, as we earn and spend, invest and give, we swim through an ocean of messages about the acceptable uses of money. Some of these strictures are general--the unspoken norms of our given historical time, place, and sub-culture. Others are deeply personal--the internalized commandments of our families. "Go ahead and indulge. Enjoy life!" a mother whispers from inside her daughter's head. "Try the next store--perhaps underwear will be on sale," suggests a long-dead grandfather.

To discern which attitudes serve us and which we want to step beyond, we first need to notice whatever messages we have unwittingly (as well as consciously) absorbed. We invite you to reflect on the following questions and to talk about them with your friends and loved ones:

What messages about money did you grow up with? What voices and phrases do you hear when you think about "appropriate" behavior? What behaviors and attitudes about earning, spending, saving, and giving are considered normal in your social class or your current social circle?

Heightening your awareness of these money messages is a vital step towards crafting a more life-supporting relationship to money in your life. .

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