More Than Money
Issue #7
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Money and Spirit

Table of Contents

“Steps for Spiritual Grounding”

If you are seeking practical ideas for approaching money with greater spiritual awareness, here are a few suggestions, distilled from themes that crossed different faiths:

  1. Find people to talk with about money and spirit: With peers and mentors, you can mull over challenging questions, get fresh ideas, and celebrate progress. Without them, it can be hard to face issues at all. If you don't have compatriots with whom you talk about money and spirituality, how might you develop them?
  2. Learn from your spiritual heritage: How did the religion you grew up with use money to express such values as generosity, devotion, and detachment from money? Even if you have moved away from this tradition, are there any elements that touch and inspire you?
  3. Imagine your connection to the greater human family: Religions teach that we are all brothers and sisters, connected to each other in a larger and timeless whole. When you make significant decisions about money, can you imagine the ripples of impact they might have in the lives of your global "family" across the globe and into upcoming generations?
  4. Keep your eyes on the prize: Most religions teach that money per se is of relatively little importance. What counts is right relationship to self, others, and God. You might find it useful to watch where you have discomfort towards money as it arises and to reflect calmly on the judgments in your mind. Many find it useful to meditate or pray for guidance at times of confusion.

We hope this issue of More than Money has stimulated you to look at the deeper meanings of money in your life. In the months and years to come, may you find ways to use your money more fully to express your spiritual beliefs and values. .

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