More Than Money
Issue #7

Money and Spirit

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Ministry of Money

The Ministry of Money helps people "wrestle through to an authentically Christian perspective on money within the context of modern society." Since 1977, more than 6,000 people have participated in the Ministry's weekend workshops, womens programs, and "pilgrimages of reverse mission" (see page 12); 16,000 receive their newsletter.

Ministry of Money
2 Professional Dr. #220
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
(301) 670-9606.

For Love or Money

For Love or Money: "Financial Planning for Persons of Faith" is a seminar course "for people who are seeing meaning, value and worth in life through faith; who are wondering about the relationship of God and money in today's culture of affluence; and who need practical guidance in personal financial planning."

Bill Davidson, Director
Wesley-Westminster House
1338 W. 49th St.
Norfolk, VA 23508
(804) 440-1424.

Journey Into Freedom

Journey Into Freedom is a non-profit, ecumenical ministry "seeking to walk with people who have a hunger and a thirst for a deeper relationship with God." JIF offers a newsletter, retreats, and workshops. Recent retreats included: "money and spirituality," and "the call of freedom." JIF leads trips to the "Third World" countries such as Haiti and India.

Journey Into Freedom
PO Box 12626
Portland, OR 97212
(503) 281-4461.

Money and Spirit

Money and Spirit offers workshops, consultations and classes for individuals and groups. They assist people to experience money as part of their spiritual journey and to become more conscious of the ways money impacts self-image, work, relationships, and the planet. The leaders are Quakers who have been influenced by many different spiritual traditions.

Money and Spirit
RR2, Box 395
West Buxton, ME 04093
(207) 642-3117.

The Shefa Fund

The Shefa Fund hosts forums for donors to explore the relationship between Judaism, wealth, and social concerns. TSF stimulates Jewish social responsibility through its grant-making program and by supporting investment in low-income communities. TSF has a newsletter and two publications.

The Shefa Fund
7318 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19119
(215) 247-9704.

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