More Than Money
Issue #25

Working with Financial Professionals

Table of Contents

“Questions to ask yourself”

The more aware you are of your own attitudes, beliefs, and values about money, the better client you'll be. We encourage you to reflect on how the answers to these questions might affect your working relationships with your financial advisors:

  • What issues commonly arise when you deal with someone in an advisory or authority role?
  • As a person with wealth, how do you feel and think about yourself, and how do you imagine others perceive you?
  • How well can you separate your financial security from your sense of psychological security?
  • How well do you understand the ways in which your relationship to money is similar to and different from those of your family?

--Stephen Goldbart, Ph.D. and Joan Difuria, MFCC. Money, Meaning, and Choices Institute, San Francisco , CA

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