More Than Money
Issue #25

Working with Financial Professionals

Table of Contents

“Making the Best of It”

Say you have financial advisors who aren't sympathetic to your values, yet you want or need to keep them. What can you do?

  • Go elsewhere for complementary services... If your estate planner is disinterested in philanthropy, seek additional advice from an estate attorney who specializes in philanthropic structures.
  • Increase your own knowledge... Instead of having your reluctant trust officer teach your teenagers about budgeting and giving, poll other parents, get books from the library, and take it on yourself.
  • Persistently encourage your current advisors... At each visit express excitement about your values, take time to listen to their philosophy and to share yours, pay them extra to research topics you wish them to understand, ask to meet other clients who might share your interests.
  • Add new people to your team... Suggest to your foundation's investment committee that an investment manager skilled in socially-responsible investing join them as a non-voting member.

--Anne Slepian and Christopher Mogil

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