More Than Money
Issue #10

Learning From Each Other

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In the sixteen years since an abundance of money plunked into our laps, nothing has helped to increase our confidence, vision, and creative use of money more than being able to talk freely with others who share both our finances and social concerns.

That is why from the very start we began More than Money as a place to stimulate dialogue. We wanted to build an honest and heartfelt forum where people could learn from each other how to use their wealth with increasing awareness and power. Now that More than Money has one thousand subscribers--doubled from a year ago!--we are more eager than ever to bring this dialogue alive.

This Readers' Issue is one experiment in that direction. Instead of exploring a focused theme as in prior issues , we asked members to write about any money-related topic on their minds and invite response. The result is a patchwork quilt of pieces clustered around five themes: money and children, socially responsible investing, creative giving, rich and poor, and the client-professional relationship.

Together, these topics offer a window into members' interests and into the complex issues and opportunities encountered by concerned people with wealth.

All of our lives are steered by a multitude of choices, minute by minute, day by day. When we ask meaningful questions, seek creative resolutions, and share the results with others (as do the contributors to this issue) we can help each other build lives of increasing effectiveness and integrity.

We hope this Readers' Issue tempts you to respond to some of the pieces and to consider contributing to future issues. We look forward to knowing all of you more, as the More than Money adventure unfolds.

--From the editors, Anne Slepian and Christopher Mogil  

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