More Than Money
Issue #10

Learning From Each Other

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“Gaming with God”

For the past fifteen years I have been playing a game with God. When I find or save money--sometimes due to my own effort or scheming, but more often as the result of some stroke of good fortune which I enjoy attributing to Him/Her--I put it in a special account which I call the "Lord's Kitty."

After all, if I am His, then my money is His also. By putting money daily into this bonus partnership account, I gain appreciation for the serendipities of life and feel more grateful towards the hand of God in my daily doings.

The car in front of me is hauled over to the curb by the police, as I freely go by without the speeding ticket I equally deserve. The grace of God? Whatever, but there is $75 for the Lord. We are leaving from the airport and my cousin offers to drive us--a $10 taxi fare is saved. When I buy items on sale, I note the amount saved (plus the tax saved.) When I find a parking meter with time, 25 cents goes into my left pocket, which I empty at the end of the day. My wife teases, "Why drive out of your way to buy cheaper gas?" but I'm happy to make an extra dollar for God's work.

Sometimes my savings aren't so minor. Years ago, I lost my job with the federal government and received severance pay. I was surprised to learn I could also get unemployment benefits. Two checks from Uncle Sam seemed redundant. I stood in the unemployment lines anyway, and donated all $9,000 I received to Jubilee Jobs, enabling them to hire a counselor to help people in the Latino community to find jobs. Now I receive Social Security and Medicare payments--programs I support but which were never intended for people like me--so I give it to the Kitty. When the government cuts back the rate of taxes for the wealthy, I ask my accountant to calculate the amount I save, and a sizeable sum goes to the Bonus account.

On a monthly basis I tally this special fund and send donations to aid in God's work. Not counting Social Security, between $1,000 and $7,000 annually goes through this partnership-with-God account, over and above what I normally give to charity (currently 50% of my income). The recipients may wonder why they get checks in odd amounts--$153.46, or $672.13--but God knows, and I hope He gives a chuckle. For me, it's fun gaming with God and passing on His tangible blessings.

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