More Than Money
Issue #28

Who Knows You're Rich?

Table of Contents

“Jackie's Letter”

Dear Friend(s),

If you receive this letter, it means I perceive you might have something in common with me, that something being that our net worth or income level puts us in the wealthiest 5% of the wealthiest country on earth. It also means that I am excited to share with you a valuable resource from which I have benefited greatly.

To find out if you do fit in this "5%" category, please check out the statistics listed on page 31 of the enclosed Spring 2001 More Than Money journal. I was absolutely fascinated by these statistics, since I feel so "normal" in our circle of friends.

The valuable resource that I wanted to share is an organization called More Than Money. I have enclosed MTM's two latest journals, but there is much more to this organization than the journal. MTM is a supportive community of people exploring issues related to wealth. It provides tremendous resources to its members.

One of the things I've learned is that whatever challenges one faces in life, whether they be raising young children, losing a cherished family member, or facing illness, it can be very helpful to be around others who are facing similar challenges. This is especially true when the environment is a non-judgmental one where people are free to be different while sharing personal examples of what works or does not work in their own lives.

Though I have much more to say about MTM and the changes I have made in my own life since joining, I will wait to share that with people who ask me about it. I just wanted to get these journals in your hands while in your own space in a zero pressure way.

One last thing, I sent this to about 15 different friends. You need not respond in any way. In fact, the point of me mailing this to you was so you didn't have to respond. I considered bringing up MTM before at parties and such, but I did not want anyone to feel pressured by my enthusiasm. On the other hand, if you end up becoming a member of MTM or have any questions about it or its effect on me, please feel free to drop me an e-mail.

I hope you find yourself and your family healthy and happy! Thanks for indulging me with your time!