More Than Money
Issue #27
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Lifestyles of the Rich and Simple

Table of Contents

“Four S's for Sensational Spending”

How can our spending best support our personal goals?

  • Spend more to increase effectiveness and decrease stress.
  • Spend less to decrease clutter and busyness, and to savor more what we already have.

How can our spending promote environmental balance?

  • Spend more to support environmentally sound goods and services.
  • Spend less to use fewer resources, share, re-use, and recycle.

How can our spending further the well-being of our global family?

  • Spend more to support goods and services made under fair conditions.
  • Spend less so more money can go toward those who need it.

How can our spending energize our core purpose?

  • Spend more to better fulfill those purposes.
  • Spend less to more clearly see and hear our inner wisdom.

Good Times to Use These Questions

  • When we face difficult spending decisions
  • When we evaluate our expenditures for the year
  • When we face a big question about how to "spend" our time

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