More Than Money
Issue #33

Embracing The Gift

Issue #33
“Embracing The Gift”
July, 2003

Over the next 50 years, $41 trillion is expected to pass from one generation of Americans to another-through inheritance, taxes, and charitable bequests. What that means, for individuals and society, may depend upon how fully individuals are able to embrace the gifts contained in the money that comes to them. How do you keep money from ruining your children? How do you use it to enhance their lives? What do you do if you're a professional athlete who has just signed a big contract and it's front-page news? What if you're the wife of a wealthy man, but your lifestyle isn't fulfilling your soul? And what if you're the chief of an American Indian tribe whose whole community has become wealthy through casino gambling? How do you turn that money into a transformational tool? Explore these questions and more in this issue of More Than Money.

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