More Than Money
Issue #2

What Makes Giving Satisfying?

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“Team Giving”

Why watch football when you could form the Philadelphia Philanthropists or the Gainesville Givers?

I was feeling frustrated, wishing I had more money to give away. Then I organized some friends and family members to join a "giving group" where we each put some money into a pot, and then together decided how to give away the total. Individual contributions to the pool were anonymous, to prevent comparing who gave more or less. We all felt powerful having so much more than usual to give away! Coming to agreement was challenging, but also fun-everyone's thinking got sharpened and our minds exposed to new perspectives. We're doing it again next year, and more people are asking to join.

- G.R.

Anyone can organize a group for giving. If you wish to join an existing group, the following are some organizations where people can explore team giving with others in a similar situation.

A Territory Resource

A Territory Resource is a public foundation providing funding and technical assistance to grassroots groups in the Northwest U.S. Organizers and donors set priorities together, do site visits, and discuss which projects to recommend for funding.

221 Lloyd Building
603 Steward St
Seattle, WA 98101

The Shefa Fund

The Shefa Fund is a public grant-making foundation supporting progressive Jewish renewal. TSF is organizing tzedakah (giving) groups for people to do pooled giving of varying amounts.

318 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19119

The Ms. Foundation for Women

The Ms. Foundation for Women hosts Funding Circles. Circle members get to know each other as well as current issues (this year-economic justice and ending violence against women and children) Each woman contributes $20,000 for the group to give away together.

141 5th Ave., 6-S
New York, NY 10001
Attn.: Robin Rosenbluth

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