More Than Money
Issue #21

The Power of Talk

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Editors' Note: Organizations that sponsor discussions of various kinds are too numerous to list here, so we have focused on publications. These publications offer leads to relevant organizations and conferences, ideas on how to find, create, and sustain good places to talk, as well as a book on the inner psychology of affluence based on numerous interviews and conversations.


  • Taking Charge of Our Money, Our Values, and Our Lives , by Anne Slepian and Christopher Mogil. (Available from More than Money for $18 ppd.) A bi-annually updated, 64-page guidebook of books, advisors, and organizations who offer educational programs and conferences for people with wealth. Attention is paid to the emotional, spiritual, and political issues of wealth, as well as more technical information on earning, investing, spending, giving, and social action. (An 8-page version is sent free to all MTM readers.)

  • Useful Dates in Philanthropy and Finance , a quarterly bulletin published by Resourceful Women. It lists donor, investor, family office, and activist conferences of particular interest to people with wealth. Contact Sherry Reson at 415-561- 6520 or for subscription information.
  • Creating Community Anywhere: Finding Support and Connection in a Fragmented World by Carolyn Shaffer and Kristin Anundsen. New York: Tarcher/Putnam, 1993. An encyclopedia of community-building options for those who have ever dreamed of giving and receiving more emotional encouragement and practical support in their lives.
  • The Joy of Conversation: The Complete Guide to Salons by Jaida n'ha Sandra and the Editors of Utne Reader. Minneapolis, MN: Utne Reader Books, 1997. Tells the history of conversational salons and offers how-to tips on joining, organizing, and energizing salons, book clubs, study groups, and Internet conferences.
  • Insight and Action by Tova Green, Peter Woodrow, and Fran Peavey. Gabrioloa Island, BC: New Society Publishers, 1994. A guide for activists on how to make the most of your loving, caring, and supportive relationships with friends, colleagues, and family members as an aid to making difficult decisions and sustaining your commitments.
  • The Golden Ghetto: The Psychology of Affluence by Jessie O'Neill. Minneapolis, MN: Hazelden Books, 1997. A deep exploration, drawing on numerous interviews and conversations, that breaks the silence on the personal and interpersonal challenges that confront people with wealth.

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