More Than Money
Issue #9
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Money and Children

Table of Contents

“Questions for Reflection”

  1. Which of the stories and articles most closely reflect your own views? Did any stories inspire you? Annoy you? If so, why?
  2. Have you written your will (or updated it) so it reflects your current values and wishes? If so, how do you direct your assets, and why? (If you haven't written a will, now is a good time to think about it.)
  3. What kind of financial education did you receive when you were growing up? What was useful, and what would you change?
  4. How do your feelings about the world (optimism, cynicism, concern...) affect your views about leaving money to children?
  5. This week, if you were to talk with one person about any of these topics, who might that be? What would you want from the conversation?

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