More Than Money
Issue #4
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How Much is Enough?

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“Providing for a Secure and Enriched Life”

Do You Have What You Need?

What are basic human needs? There is certainly middle ground between "I need enough to fly around the world first class" and "all I need is bread and a bed." The following survey is our attempt to outline that middle ground, to list items that might form a rational basis for determining sufficiency. When we tried this exercise ourselves, we were surprised that we ranked several items (such as clothing and health care) as simultaneously inadequate and ample in our lives. Try it-you may gain some unexpected insights. Do you have what you need? Write the numbers that best describe your experiences on the line beside each item.

1= none 2= inadequate 3= adequate 4=ample 5= excessive

Immediate Priorities

___ Secure housing and utilities

___ Safe & healthy surroundings

___ Nutritious food

___ Medical care

___ Clothes for each season

___ Transportation

___ Money for daily supplies and bills

___ Others:

Short-to-Medium-Term Priorities

___ Secure and satisfying work

___ Money for tax and debt payments

___ Savings for predictable expenses (e.g. car repair)

___ Money for extras ( gifts, travel, arts)

___ Savings for unpredictable emergencies

___ Health insurance

___ Vacation from work

___ Others:

Long-term Priorities

___ Decent education (for yourself and/or children)

___ A retirement fund

___ Disability insurance

___ Life insurance

___ A current will

___ A health care proxy

___ Clear financial goals and a way to meet them

___ Others:


___ Opportunities for personal growth

___ Spiritual practice

___ Sense of belonging (to family, friends, community)

___ Freedom to express ideas

___ Nature/Beauty in daily life

___ Sense of meaning and purpose

___ Others:

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