More Than Money
Issue #23
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Partners in Social Change

Table of Contents



  • Cutting a check to get a fundraiser off your back.
  • Simply being generous or charitable to others.
  • Taking flight when it gets emotionally difficult.
  • Blaming others for "the problem."
  • Jumping from one "trendy" project to the next.
  • Contributing only when the group's directions and choices match what you think.
  • Only starting and funding your own projects.
  • Keeping your worlds separate.


  • Putting something of yourself on the line.
  • Expanding your sense of self and identity to embrace a wider community.
  • Persisting when conflict or painful emotions arise.
  • Expecting conflict and bringing emotional slack, vision, and a high level of commitment and skills.
  • Staying involved over time.
  • Supporting the organization's founders and constituents' goals.
  • Working in collaboration.
  • Organizing among your class/constituency to leverage more support.

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