More Than Money
Issue #5
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Money and Couples

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“Glimpses into the Lives of the Rich and Famous - ...What Got Censored from the Movies”

One snowy evening at the North Pole:

Mrs. S.: (a little peevishly): Dear, after 3000 years of marriage, couldn't we spend a little less on those hundreds of millions of kids, and a little more on us? The kids aren't even ours.

Mr. S.: But they are counting on me! My trust fund isn't producing what it used to, so we'll have to tighten our belts to pay the elves.

Mrs. S.: (clutching the phone): Hello, is this Compulsive Givers Anonymous?...

One dreary un-day in the dingy Underworld, the King hunches over his ruby desk scrawling a letter:

Dearest Persephone, Perhaps my problem began as an infant, sucking on the sapphires strewed about my playroom. Surely it was in full bloom by the time the Romans coined the expression "rich as Pluto." But when I took you as my queen, never did I suspect my actions would be construed as kidnapping. I see now my acquisitiveness is out of hand. With apologies, I return you to your mother Demeter. If forgiveness is in your heart, I beg you to visit me each year.

King Hades (Pluto)

Overheard at sunset by a guard at the palace of Akabar :

A: After a lifetime of struggling for the food on my plate, I can't believe I am married to you, Jasmine, the Sultan's daughter! Let's go to the bazaar's finest restaurant tonight and celebrate!

J: Aladdin, are you kidding? My whole life I've been stifled by 25-course meals. Let's go to that romantic shack you used to live in- you can teach me how to cook peasant food!

One afternoon, in the central palace general accounting office:

Prince C: But Cinderella, I know this foundation idea seemed swell when you first mentioned it, but the budget is really getting out of hand!

C: Charming, my beloved, be reasonable. At first the Fairy Godmother Foundation for Disadvantaged Young Women just made small contributions to women who needed adequate footwear, but that's only a start in a young woman's life. Not every woman is going to be lucky enough to marry someone like you, dear. We're now trying to set these women up in business. .

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