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Money Between Friends

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“Giving to People Who Give”

Funding Individuals Who are Working for Change

My friend Paul gets passionately involved in causes. Ten years ago, he asked me for $140 to print 1000 copies of a powerful article called, "Despair and Empowerment in the Nuclear Age." On a trip through Europe, Paul used these articles to help seed disarmament groups. To this day, when I read in a particular newsletter that many of these groups are still going, I think, "My money helped do that!" -A.S

One of the best antidotes to despairing about the world is to support someone you believe is deeply committed and skillful in working for change. If you do not already have such people in your life, or if you would like to find more of them, you may be interested in one of the following vehicles of giving to individuals.


Ashoka is a nonprofit agency granting one to four years of financial support to individuals in the Third World who take creative leadership in solving social and environmental problems. Sponsors of the Ashoka "fellows" receive regular reports on their work.

1200 North Nash St.
Arlington, VA 22200

The Partners Project

The Partners Project assists individuals to "adopt an activist" in the Third World. Someone organizing full-time for social concerns can be completely supported on only $30 to $50/month. Partners are encouraged to build a relationship through photographs, letters, and visits.

340 Pine Ave.
Deptford, NJ 08096.
Attention:George and Lillian Willoughby

Resourceful Women Awards

Resourceful Women Awards are given every other year to notable women from diverse backgrounds. They are given $10,000 to give to the group(s) of her choice, and $5,000 to spend however she chooses. Every nominee is awarded $1000. Nominating groups meet across the country to research outstanding women.

c/o The Women's Foundation,
3543 18th St,
San Francisco, CA 94110

Charles Bannerman Fellowship Program

Charles Bannerman Fellowship Program provides stipends of $10,000 for outstanding activists of color to take sabbaticals to give them the opportunity for reflection and re-energizing. You can nominate people for the fellowship, or contribute towards a fellowship.

1627 Lancaster St.
Baltimore, MD 21231

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