More Than Money
Issue #8

To Spend Or Not To Spend

Table of Contents

“Gathering Stories”

Because people rarely share their personal money stories, it can be quite an adventure to gather the vignettes for this newsletter. We often interview several dozen people for each issue, as we don't know in advance whose stories will be most potent. A 30-60 minute discussion will be synthesized into a few paragraphs, which we then review word-by-word with each interviewee, revising until he or she gives approval. We do the same for submissions.

Even with this careful process, many people feel keenly vulnerable sharing their stories. Compared to the fluid process of living, words are stark and static; a vignette is like cutting out a single frame from a motion picture. "Is this really me? Will others judge me? Can I change my mind and feelings even if this is in print?"

Even under complete anonymity, some people cannot shake these feelings and they decide not to print their story. Those who go ahead often feel strengthened by making their personal struggles and insights useful to others, and by the very act of breaking the silence about money.

You may feel uncomfortable or even angry reading some people's perspectives; we deliberately include a range of stories to show how differently people approach the issues. Still, we ask you to honor each story as a gift from the heart, offered sometimes with trepidation, and always with courage.

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